Plugins / SEMImportScaleCrop


Michael Braun

Written for SEM images from FEI instruments with a data bar in the bottom of the image, with a solid white border on all 4 sides of the databar. Additionally, written assuming the scale bar is in the far right white box of the data bar, and that the value of the scale bar is written on top of the scale bar, such that the scale bar is split into 2 distinct white lines. Automatically crops out the bottom databar, shows an image of the far right section of the databar (assumed position of the scale bar) and asks the user to enter the scale bar value. This data gets written into the scale information of the file, and the file is loaded into Dragonfly as a new channel. This plugin takes in a whole folder of images and adds them each as their own channel.

SEM Import Crop Scale

Installing extensions requires ORS Dragonfly 3.1 or later.