Menu Items / ConvertToHounsfield

University of Michigan Orthopaedic Research Laboratory

U of M ORL

This is a plugin that takes as input three ROIs: one each for Air, Hydroxyapetite, and Water (or Acrylic); and one uncalibrated microCT scan.

This plugin will convert the microCT scan to Hounsfield units by setting its Slope, Offset, and Units.

The actual grayscale values of image are not actually changed to HU values. The Slope/Offset are
set so that when use "Probe" tool, the value displayed for image will be in Hounsfield Units.

Ideally, a second channel would be created of the image in SHORT format with the voxels values in
HU (and the slope/offset set to 1/0).

This plugin needs you to also have the InitializeBoneReferences Action (also in Infinite Toolbox).. That lets you define the required ROIs for this MenuItem to correctly convert your units

This plugin was developed in collaboration with Mike Marsh, Ph.D., at ORS.

Installing extensions requires ORS Dragonfly 3.1 or later.