Filter Banks / Gabor_O19F3


Emimal Jabason

This is a set of Gabor filters of 19 different orientations (0 to 180 in step size of 10 specified in radians) with 3 diffrent frequencies (1/10, 1/20, 1/30), which is used to segment serial section Transmission Electron Microscopy (ssTEM) of the Drosophila data into four different regions such as membranes, mitochondria, synapses and intracellular. The other parameters defined are:
1. Sigma, the size of the Gaussian envelope: 8
2. Spatial aspect ration, the ellipticity of the support of the Gabor function : 0.25
The link for the dataset is given below

Installing extensions requires ORS Dragonfly 3.1 or later.