Dragonfly's Infinite Toolbox is an open exchange platform for the Dragonfly user community that lets you submit, browse, and download extensions that implement new features and workflows for all of your image processing and analysis needs. Learn more about Dragonfly, the premier software platform for the intuitive inspection and analysis of scientific and industrial image data.

Additional benefits of Dragonfly's Infinite Toolbox include access to integrated features such as Compare, which lets you automatically generate segmentation previews using all of the classifiers currently available for download. The Infinite Toolbox also provides a convenient and organized environment for managing all of your user extensions.

You will need to download and install Dragonfly version 3.1 or later to leverage all the benefits of the Infinite Toolbox. Click here to sign-up for a free fully-functional 30-day trial of Dragonfly. You should note that ORS proudly supports academic research and the advancement of imaging science by providing a full-featured, non-commercial version of Dragonfly free-of-charge. Learn more about Dragonfly Non-Commercial Licensing.