For a limited time, any extension uploaded to the Infinite Toolbox is automatically eligible for our Infinite Toolbox Challenge. Cash prizes will be distributed in each of three different categories — Macros, Classifiers, and Other — to the user extensions that best enhance the Dragonfly experience.

Infinite Toolbox Challenge FAQ

  1. What are the prizes?
  2. Prizes will be awarded in three different categories: Macros, Classifiers, and Other.
    A first place prize of $1500, second place prize of $1000, and third place prize of $500 will be awarded for each category.
  3. How do I enter?
  4. Simply click the Enter My Extension button in the confirmation email that you receive after uploading your extension to the Infinite Toolbox.
    If you are submitting a classifier for segmentation, you may be asked to provide sample data so that we can properly evaluate your entry.
  5. What is the submission deadline?
  6. Entries will be accepted until the contest closes. Winners will be announced in the new year.
  7. Can I get help developing my entry?
  8. You can visit our Dragonfly Forums and access the Dragonfly Developer Documentation.
    Additional inquiries can be directed to
  9. Who do I contact if I have more questions?
  10. Please direct your inquiries to